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Work-Life Balance: Is it possible nowadays?

Work-Life Balance: Is it possible nowadays?

Work-Life Balance: Is it possible nowadays?

/ Life Styles / Monday, 04 September 2017 16:20

Work-life Balance the elusive point where everything is supposed to be in tune with each other. The pressure of an increasingly demanding work culture world over is probably the biggest and most pressing factor responsible for the mental health of the general population.

 Improvements in technology has led to mobile workers accessible around the clock, and of course increasing unemployment index is perhaps the greatest incentive for longer hours spent on the job. Experts know, Lawyers know, Employers know, Doctors (some of the worst offenders) know it, that the compounding stress from the endless workday is damaging. It hurts relationships, health and overall happiness. Yet, we just can't help it.

Since everyone will definitely have his/her own scale of where the balance is, in this article we'll explore the signs of an unhealthy work-life balance and tips to find the right balance for you.


You can't say NO

This one is deep seated, from childhood lots of us were trained to be nice and dependable - which is a good thing - but if you are available 24/7 every time the job calls, you will definitely get overloaded for not saying the magic word 'NO' to some demands.

 Initially, you may tell yourself that you are someone that can be 'counted on' but trust me, the job, that 'small' extra errand does not need to count - the person making the demand knows and expects you to say 'YES'.

If you always answer affirmative without properly thinking whenever you’re asked to do something a 'little' extra, then simply delay your reply. "hmmn, let me get back to you", "I'm really swamped right now, call me back in 2 hours" etc. Just stall the request then use that time to reflect whether to say yes or no. if you want to say no, say so and don't be coerced. Don’t justify your answer or give excuses either. 


Smart work vs Hard work

One third of respondents from a survey said they feel unhappy or very unhappy about the time they devote to work. There are numerous opinions out there, that you should work more and sleep less now so you can enjoy a happier retirement with more sleep and less work later. It even has a nick 'sleep hacking' – coaching your mind and body to work on less sleep.

In the equation for work done and completion rates, people tend to focus more on the number of hours invested - which is totally wrong - instead of the productivity gotten from each hour invested which is a smarter way to work.


Smart work is when you take a look at your overall work load, then decide which tasks can wait, which is urgent and prioritizing them in order of importance. - read 'eat that frog' by Brian Tracy. The evidence is glaring that lots of people are not just working hard, but stupid too which is detrimental to mental health


You should Sign out and Unplug 

Hooray! We can now fit out workspace into our pockets or bags, technology has helped our lives in many way – true. But irrespective of the melody you use for your notifications, they fragment your off-hours and -even if you don't notice it- makes the person you are spending time with feel like second fiddle. If you are going to spend time with family, let it be quality time. This should be the time when you give your job the opportunity to miss your input.



We keep reaching out for that new upgrade, the latest product in the market, but lots of stressed out workers forget to treat themselves like developing products instead of final machines that only needs to eat, use the bathroom and sleep. 

Even when we are busy, we need to make out time to take care of our body. Exercise, meditate, set time for reading, find better ways to perform complex jobs etc. – it is called growth. Knowing that you are growing on the job is an effective stress manager. You feel good about lots of things and as such can handle the job without cracking.


Draw a bold thick line

Every week ensure to confirm there a line between work and leisure. If you can't help it and need to bring work home, seclude an area for that kind of event, to ensure that you work in a specific area of your home and one that you can turn your back on. 


Imperfection is the catalyst for progress

As kids it was easy to pick up the mentality that everything has to be perfect at first try. As adults, the higher you climb the corporate ladder with a growing family responsibility, perfectionism can and will hurt you in many ways you may not notice till it's too late. Give yourself a break, no one’s perfect! Allow yourself to be human and just do the best you can.



Over time, stress does a number on our immune systems, making us susceptible to a variety of ailments from colds, backaches, heart disease, stroke the list is endless. If you are persistently overwhelmed by everything, it may be time to seek help from a professional, talk to friends and family so you can get all the support you need to stay sane in an insane work loop. Let’s hear how you balance these two things in the comments below.


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