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Your Guide for Robot vacuum cleaners

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Your Guide for Robot vacuum cleaners

Your Guide for Robot vacuum cleaners

/ Technologies / Sunday, 10 September 2017 21:59

With the way technology is making everything automatic, it now a little irrelevant if you hate cleaning, don't really have the time to vacuum daily or you just love to have or know about new technology, well the robotic cleaners are now turning heads.

As impressive as they look, they don't promise a better job than your manually operated weekend vacuum cleaning. Still, some of these robotic cleaners come with all kinds of features and prices. So, while you’re trying to figure out the financial aspect, let’ see what these slick and adorable little cleaning devices can do for you while you watch TV plus what to look out for;


Do you really need one?

First things first, not everyone needs a robot cleaner – so don’t purchase one because it looks cool. For the elderly or those with some physical disabilities a traditional vacuum cleaner may be difficult to operate – if not impossible. For those that want to stay on top in the battle against dirt and dust battle, a robot vacuum can lend a hand to keep dust and dirt under control.


What type of floor do you have?

Robot vacuum cleaners have difficulty cleaning high pile carpet - if they even do, it is one sad experience you don’t want to see, as the carpet is too thick for its tiny wheels to maneuver. So basically, if your carpet's length is half an inch or less good and even better if you have a hard surface for it to work on.


How much space do you have?

Some vacuums are designed to handle apartments and studio sized spaces better with just a single charge and therefore, their performance may not meet your expectation as the space to cover exceeds their capacity.


Pet hair? No worries

If you have cats or dogs, one of the nice things a robot vacuum can do is its ability to pick up pet hair, in addition to the HEPA filter most of them come with to keep the air clean - for those that are highly allergic.


Maintenance – Yes, Really!

Yes, it's a robot, but not the type you'd expect to repair or maintain itself. Movies have sold us the idea that robots should be all smart and figuring out what to do - maybe in the future. but definitely not these ones. 

Think of these bots like an extra hand to help you win the war on dust and dirt, they don't entirely come in and take up the cleaning responsibility. When programmed to run during the week – which is one reason you might want to purchase one - then you won't have a hard job cleaning on the weekends.


Battery Life

This is one place you'd want to give more attention to, on average, a robot vacuum barely last two hours before it needs a recharge. But that's not really the issue, the issue - and one you should ask before purchasing - is how it behaves when it is running out of power. 

Most robot vacuum cleaners automatically return to where they started - base station- when they are done cleaning or needs charging. I doubt there's fun in searching for your cleaner - except you enjoy searching for your keys.


Since they come in different price range, expect these robots to have different features and capabilities. The ones on the high end range do support Wi Fi, longer Coverage and so many cool features, it’s best to explore all the options available for your budget range.


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