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San Jose – Costa Rica: A Vibrant Touristic Destination

San Jose – Costa Rica: A Vibrant Touristic Destination

San Jose – Costa Rica: A Vibrant Touristic Destination

/ Travel / Sunday, 10 September 2017 22:07

San Jose the largest and capital city of Costa Rica is filled with rich history and culture. When judged by the cover it poses, San José - literally meaning "saint Joseph" - is merely conglomerate of outdated commercial buildings and infrastructure that leaves you wanting more. But beyond this superficial shell, it's well worth digging deeper to discover the city's charms as it's home to numerous restaurants, museums, parks, and many other forms of diversion that are typical of large population centers. 


Considered to be both a traditional Central American city and cosmopolitan urban center, though the majority of visitors to San Jose spend no more than a couple days here, before departing for the more eye catchy beaches and national parks, there are some captivating attractions in San Jose like the Central Park, Morazán Park, Spanish Park, National Park, Democracy Plaza and the Jade Museum and lots more that have defined Costa Rica as a premier tourist destination. 


Another attractive side to San José is its mild weather, which offers quick escape, particularly during the summer months. Because of its relatively high elevation—3,839 feet (1,170 m)— the city is always experiencing pleasantly mild temperatures year-round, with sparse showers. Because it remarkably large city, despite all the thrill this buzzing metropolis has to offer, it is often overlooked by travelers because it seems hectic and intimidating on the surface.


Theaters and auditoriums

San José has many beautiful theaters, many with European-inspired architecture as wall and ceiling murals from both French and Italian artists. You can tour the theaters on your own but according to most tourist it is recommended to visit with a tour guide. The most well-known centers to see are: 

The National Theater of Costa Rica 

The Melico Salazar 

Theater and The National Auditorium of The Children's Museum is best for those that have kids.



San José museums allow visitors to view Costa Rican history, pre-Columbian era culture and art, and a handful of modern Costa Rican art. You can also find the nation's museum of gold which exhibits several floors of gold artifacts some of which I read dates back to AD 0, and museum of jade which also exhibits a massive collection of pre-Columbian jade artifact.


Parks, plazas, and zoo

San Joes packs a handful of serene parks where you can enjoy the view or watch the buzz at a distance, plazas and zoo with some interesting side that keeps the kids busy and excited – adults are invited too. There is something to interest every age range



Accommodations are a bit on the high side, just as you'd expect in any big city. Hotels come at various budget, but you would run into challenges during Dec - May if you don't have a reservation, as hotels space quickly fills up around this time.


Though San Jose is a big city with crazy traffic - especially during the high season, - it is also one of the coolest in Central America.


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